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Special Projects

Building 9 Paint Booth, Tobyhanna, PA

This Design/Build project consisted of design/demolition, remediation and construction preparation. The project design included framing and flashings for all new openings and penetrations; concrete slab on grade for make-up air unit and dry cooler; utility interfaces with paint booth, paint kitchen and mix room; compressed air, electric, natural gas and water; two new sprinkler zones; conduit plans for the paint booth; HVAC and fire protection. The project also included sampling and testing, transportation and disposal, air monitoring and investigation and survey.

Lackland Military Working Dog Kennels

This project is to demolish and reconstruct existing kennels provide a safe and modern facility to house the Military Working Dogs. The design and construction includes kennel structure, slab, housing units, fencing, utilities, drainage and new pre-engineered metal building to protect the dogs. The program is mission essential and is phased to allow the use of six out of the eight buildings at all times during design and construction.

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