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There are preconstruction activities for the projects we are awarded, and we view the preconstruction phase as an integral part of any project. The budgeting, reviewing, phasing, planning, and procurement services we perform during the preconstruction phase assure the overall project success. In addition, the relationships we develop during this phase with our clients are essential throughout the life of the project.


Preconstruction activities include advance purchasing of long-lead items.  Major Subcontracting requirements are identified and begin competitive procurement of subcontractors.  The permit acquisition process is initiated, preconstruction permits and forms, and the work preparation plan process.  Work plans may include, but not limited to Work Plan, Safety Plan/Accident Prevention Plan (APP) and Quality Assurance/Quality Control (QA/QC) Plan.


Preconstruction activities include:


  • Project coordination and planning

  • Budget development and reporting

  • Scheduling

  • Value engineering

  • Constructability reviews

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