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Building 701, Dobbins ARB, GA
This project involved building upgrades to an occupied building for the headquarters for the base police. Work included new restrooms; HVAC for the alert room; new ceilings; new carpet; new doors (interior and exterior/storefront); roofing; AT/FP construction (bollards and standoff); parking lot repairs and extension and other general work to completely improve the building.

FBI Renovation, Athens, GA
FBI Space Modification at Stephens Federal Building 2nd Floor to accommodate a new Secure Work Environmental (SWE) for the FBI Office. This project involved reinforcing existing walls to build a new SWE area with man trap, new SWE and man trap entrance doors, install security system, millwork, new electrical, HVAC, fire alarm system, new ceiling, carpet and base.

ACP-LITE Infrastructure, Clay National Guard Center, Marietta, GA
This project was to upgrade Clay National Guard's main Security Checkpoint booth access and egress to the facility. Work included reconfiguration of roadway entering the facility; raising existing and installing new traffic curbs; installation of electrical raceway and concrete foundations infrastructure for future installations of Card Reader/Traffic Drop Army Security Systems including Steel Bollards to protect new equipment. All work was performed in 96 hours due the Security checkpoint closure restrictions.           

SPAWAR Computer Lab 3404 Facility - JB Charleston, SC
This project was for the construction of the 1,600 computer lab within the SPAWAR complex located on JB Charleston Weapons Station. The project included STC-50 rated doors, added security measures and computer (raised access) flooring.       

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