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Fitness center Gymnasium, Dobbins ARB, Atlanta, GA

This project was for the design and renovation of Building 486 to bring the facility up to current standards as required to support comprehensive and balanced physical fitness programs.  Additional space was added to accommodate an enlarged fitness area, group exercise area, administrative/storage areas, restrooms, locker rooms, and mechanical/electrical rooms.

The design included replacing the wall finishes, flooring, interior and exterior doors, windows, plumbing fixtures, ceiling and lighting. The existing basketball court was resurfaced and restriped.  Existing mechanical and electrical systems and equipment were upgraded, modified or replaced to include HVAC.   This project included the Phased replacement, start-up, and commissioning of the building HVAC system.


Laurel Bay Pool and Bath House, Youth Center and Lighting for Ball Fields, Beaufort, SC

This project was for the renovations in multiple occupied buildings.
The Pool project included the replacement of mechanical systems to include pool equipment/water treatment systems and to reseal concrete deck joints and replace 4' and 7' fencing.

The bath-house project included replacing the roofing system with a standing seam metal roof; replacing interior finishes and replacing reception center counter and cabinets.

The renovation to the Youth Center included repair-replacement to the complete HVAC system; replacement of ceramic tile; replacing the ceiling tile system. The project also included the conversion of two racquetball courts to youth activity rooms.

The ball field lighting furnished and installed light poles/lighting for one baseball field and one soccer field in accordance with the Illuminating Engineering Society Handbook.           

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