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Training Facilities

Building 596 Station Training Facility, Beaufort, SC

This project consisted of closing-in the second story roof space for future use; installation of a standing seam metal roof complete with structural steel framing system; renovation of first and second floor restrooms; renovation of the old photo lab area and upgrades to the computer classroom, including HVAC and general power; interior work consisting of ACM/LBP removal; new flooring and wall finishes; acoustical ceiling tiles throughout the facility; new exterior doors; perform maintenance on existing window operation mechanisms; replace and provide new sprinkler heads; new electrical switchboard; demolish vault door and convert room 105 into storage room with lockable mesh divider. Also new office in Public Affairs Room 104; doorway from first floor to classroom to library office; provided and maintained temporary trailers for administrative space and restrooms; provided alterations and additions to HVAC systems; new water to air heat pumps and make-up air unit for second floor.             

FIT Facility, Lackland, TX

This project             

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