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Office- Interior Renovation

HHS-OIG-OEI Office Renovations

This project was the tenant fit up and renovation of the US Health and Human Services, US Office of Inspector General, US Office of Environmental Information located in the 3rd floor of the Sam Nunn Atlanta Service Center Renovation included demolition, new walls, doors and windows, floors and ceilings. A new HVAC system and controls was installed to comply with the latest GSA P-100 criteria.

Renovations to 13th Floor US Bankruptcy Courts Richard B. Russell Federal Building, Atlanta, GA

This project was to renovate the 13th floor to include demolition of walls; doors and wall finishes. Renovation included new walls with sound attenuation batts; new stained and painted trim; doors and associated hardware; vinyl wall coverings and paint. The general renovation included a new kitchen area with new cabinets and sink; upgrades to plumbing, lighting, power and sprinkler systems. Upgrades to the computer room included new raised flooring with ramps and handrails.

GSA Renovations to the US Department of Labor Sam Nunn Federal Building, Atlanta, GA

This project was for the renovation of the Department of Labor BLS Data Collection Center located in the basement levels LL1 and LL2 in the mid-rise building. The BLS Data Collection Center is a primary data collection center and is a primary data collection site for data, which are used to calculate the Nation's Economic Indicators. A special challenge was present because the lower level (other than in emergency) was the only exit from BLS space for employees on the upper level so the interior elevator and hallways from the interior stairs to the door had to remain free and available to all employees during the work day.           

Glock Headquarters, Smyrna, Georgia

Interior Demolition and Renovation of the Firearm's Manufacturing Facility. This included demolition of a 3,000 sf two-story, structure and renovation of 15,000 sf of office space. Construction of a new ammunition storage area and new access stairs to the second floor and attic mechanical room.

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