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HCR is pleased to be a part of the support to a critical part of the Department of Defense's infrastructure - fuel supply. Having the capabilities to work with highly flammable and explosive liquids and gases sets us apart in the construction and repair industry. We are prepared to support our DoD clients in the storage and delivery of various fuel types including natural gas, ethanol fuel mixes, and high grades of gasoline and diesel. We work on storage tanks, fuel lines, transfer stations, metering stations, and pump stations. HCR can deliver your fuel system maintenance, repair, on new construction in full compliance with codes and industry standards with zero safety or quality incidents.

Fueling System and CNG Filling Stations - MCLB Albany Georgia

This project was for the entire base and included the installation of a compliant secondary containment area for fuel delivery vehicle and fuel and dispensing hose, including the relocation of the fuel offload station to an area with existing secondary. Basis of design is UFC 3-460-01. Work included trenching underground and install a double wall pipe to relocate E-85 tank fill location to existing off-loading area that has secondary containment, relocating and connecting tank fill apparatus and providing and installing new 300 GPM centrifugal pumps for the E-85 tanker truck to offload. Work also included the demolition of two existing Compressed Natural Gas stations and the design and installation of a new CNG station that could handle 100 vehicles per day.

Upgrade Gas Storage Plant, Building 5200 - MCLB Albany, Georgia

This project included all demolition, excavation and installation required to provide a new water bath vaporizer, piston operated mixer, flare stack, and associated equipment. The project scope increased to include replacing the valve system, which required construction to be accomplished during the Christmas/ New Year week shutdown period.            

Dispenser Replacement - MCLB Albany, GA
This project was to design, procure and install two self-contained MOGAS commercial dispensers and two self-contained Diesel commercial dispensers. Each dispenser had two hoses for a total of eight with self-contained electric motors and pumping units. All dispensers had individual electric circuits. The work was phased so that at least one island was operational.

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