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Utilities- MEP

Amphitheater HVAC Replacement, Arlington National Cemetery, VA
This project was for the removal and replacement of the existing roof top units, RTU's 1 and 2. These units were removed (to include all control dampers and associated actuators and any other control devices/sensors located within the unit) and replaced as indicted. The existing roof curb and roof penetrations were used to the maximum extent possible. New roof penetrations were sealed to match existing. The existing RTU was removed from the roof before placing new ones. The roof top replacement required use of a crane, which required a crane plan prior to submittal for government approval. Both RTU's were placed in a single day. There was the requirement that the building not be without cooling for a maximum of two days.         

Upgrade, CER Room Improvements and Fuel Piping, Charleston, SC
This project involved upgrading electrical back-up systems at the former Charleston Navy Base. Work included a new CMU block/brick veneer; electrical generator pad with two new generators. Underground storm water and fuel oil piping was re-routed to accommodate the new pad. Additional UPS units and battery back-up modules with additional structural support and finishes and a new cooling.

Charleston GFS, Charleston, SC
This project was for the Department of State, Financial Service Center electrical upgrades, computer room improvements and fuel piping system. Installation of a new diesel emergency engine generator with automatic a manual transfer switches, static transformer switches/PDU and UPS system. Installation of a base-mounted fuel tank with secondary contained underground piping system and automatic in-tank leak detention. Installation of computer room air conditioning units.   

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